Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day = not much rest

I will start with saying that the snow today was Beautiful. I have always loved winter and snow, although we have not seen much of it in MS...ever. I do remember as a child a couple differant "snow days" where we would go to the levee and slide down the side of it on various homeade sleds....and then ride on them behind the four-wheelers... I am so glad that Grant got to see so much snow...this may be his only time. He woke up today and after looking outside at the snow...asked me "Where's the Christmas tree?, I love Christmas". So cute and innocent.

On the other was not the easiest day to be on bed rest...School was closed and Mark was home. I of course had to play outside in the snow for a little while, then had to deal with an extremely hyper 3 year old. Mark has been helping out alot but today I think he thought he was the one on bed rest...I did more than I should have today and now feel really exhausted at 6:30 pm...

Britney and Laura brought us supper tonight....we ate early and it was Great...I love anything that I don't have to cook. I am about to relax in a warm/hot bath with Grant's watermelon bubble bath and think about the beach and summertime...then go to bed.

Thanks for the dinner Girls!

( I will be missing the Rodeo tommorow.. :( Since I am on bed rest Mark has invited his dad to take my ticket...They will have a great time and maybe I will have some silence...)

Pictures too come tired right now. Next Dr. appt scheduled for Tuesday! I'll give an update then....

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