Thursday, December 6, 2007

We had such a good time for Thanksgiving. Grant finally felt better and was the happiest baby. He will miss his new friend Riley. We went to see Santa last night and Grant was absolutly terrified of him. I guess that means he won't get any presents. Ha! I am so happy to be home with him more during the weeknights and on the weekends. He has changed so much in the past couple months. He shakes his head "No" and slaps me in the face. What a wonderful child. I went to Atlanta for work last week for 4 days. I thing Mark did a pretty good job taking care of Grant..although I doubt his teeth got brushed everyday. And when they picked me up from the airport he was wearing a maroon MSU tshirt, green wind pants and, red keds shoes. I mean he matched so great!!! But he was still the cutest little boy in the world. I hope to see everyone during the holidays. I wil be off work from Dec. 20 thru Jan. 3 so I have plenty of time to visit.