Friday, October 31, 2008

It's a love/hate thing...already!

I promise...I did not do anything to her!

I don't know what her problem is...
She took my choo choo train...

Friends...playing footsie

Three little monkeys!!!

Up close and personal!!

The picture is not great quality....I went to a Jake Owen concert last weekend with my friend Jennifer...we had backstage passes....I have never been backstage to a concert before...and kinda felt gooby...but could not resist the opportunity to hug such a cutie.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I don't know why my layout is so messed more picture for the day. When I was little my parents took a picture of me standing in the tire of a big tractor. I remember thinking it was so neat to be able to stand inside a tire. When we were at Mark's parents house the other day I took a picture of my Grant standing in a tire...How Cute...of course he did not smile.


First of all...We did not get there until 8oclock...which is after Grant's bedtime. Maybe I just can't control my kid but the terrible two's came out in full force. Without going into much was real crowded, grant wanted to run free, and we spent enough money on the big yellow slide that I probably own part of it now. The slide is the only thing Grant was interested in.

It was sweet to see Grant so excited about all the lights and rides...But without Mark there it was hard to keep up with him and push a stroller and hold my big purse and his sippy cup and my drink. Special thanks to Kris and Deanne to help entertain for a while.

We got home at midnight..and I think we might go back this afternoon with some friends...
Oh My!!