Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Drew

A good friend of mine and old co-worker at Dillards little boy turned 1 this weekend. We had a good time at his party...Grant tried to open all his presents and take the one we brought back home with us. Terrible 2's!!

Happy Birthday Drew!!


This morning Mark and I were getting ready for a usual. It is amazing how much a two year old pays attention to his surroundings without you ever knowing it.

Mark was getting dressed and I was brushing my hair. Grant dissapears into the other room for a minute and comes running back in like this......

And says...."I go Church" He had run into the kitchen where Mark had a tie hanging by the back door. I guess he sees other men wearing ties at church and put that together. I thought it was cute...I think everything he does is cute. He wore the tie all the way to church and then I took it off. I guess I will go to walmart and get him a cheap clip on tie to play Church at the house.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here we go!!! Finally

Four Wheelers

Well I am trying to upload pictures but....It won't let me.... I will try again later

Sand Bar

A group of us went riding on the Mississippi River Sand Bar this weekend. We had so much fun. I sat down to post pictures from the ride but realized that Mark took my camera to the hunting camp. Yes I said hunting camp, and yes it is raining outside. Is it hunting season yet? I didn't think so. We start early around here. Grant and I will be alone probably every weekend until Feb. so if anyone wants to hang out or shop or play or whatever....give us a call. We'll be around!!

Check back later for pictures from our exciting weekend on the river!!

Years ago..

This picture was from Greenwood Balloon Fest in 2003. We had so much fun that night listing to to the Doobie Brothers. I was at my parents this weekend looking through old pictures I had not seen in a while or had never seen. What would we do without camera's?? They are great, even though you can be caught in a picture makeing a terrible face, showing your fat arm, drinking a beer, etc....

Oh my!

This picture was taken on July 4 at 31.5 weeks. Just two weeks before Grant was born. I never realized how large I really was. I guess he was ready to come out early!!
I just now saw this picture. I did not let many people take my picture when I was pregnant because I did not like looking so big. Someone took a sneak profile shot.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Copy Cat

I broke out the sewing machine and decided to copy all these people making cute applique kids clothing. I also discovered the store Quilt Arts on Lakeland that has the best fabric ever. I will post pictures of some of the fabric that I got later. If anyone wants a shirt let me know. I got these monogramed and they turned out really cute. I will post the picture of Grant and Embry wearing them later.

Aren't I crafty!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


One rainy day we decided to try finger painting.....This went well..

T-Shirts for Sale

This shirt has been designed by Southern Belle for the March of Dimes. The sizes range from Youth XS to Adult 3X. If you are interested in buying one leave a comment. They are $18

I tee tee in potty

Grant has used the potty two times this week. I don't want to brag to much because we are not even close to being potty trained...but I am so proud of him. Any male potty training advice would be helpful!!!! I think we are on the right track, but this will take a while.

Grant's last day at Cobblestone

So far so good with First Baptist. He has been really happy everyday this week when I go to pick him up. He really does not want to leave...he loves all the new toys and his new best friend Braxton (Thats who Ms. Jamie said he plays with all day). The pictures are just a few I took from his last day at Cobblestone.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Grant's New School

Friday was our last day at Cobblestone Day Care. We really love all the ladies who took care of our little guy since he was 5 months old. I will say his favorite teacher that he talks about all the time is Macy Woods. She is 17 and just left for her freshman year at MSU. Go Dawgs!! We just found out last week that she actually graduated from Manchester and knows Mark's mom and his cousin Ryan Milner. Small World!! Grant says every morning now..."Macy gone gone" It is really sad. I love anyone that is sweet to my baby:)

We will begin our next journey at First Baptist in Madison...This will be closer to our house and I think they have more of a School-Like schedule. Hopefully he will learn more, make new friends, and have a great time.

I know it will take time for him to adjust...Any little change to a two year old seems HUGE. Please keep us in your prayers as we all make the transition to First Baptist. He starts on Monday.