Friday, February 26, 2010

Banks is here!

Well this has been an eventful week. I am going to do my list of events in bullet form so it won't seem like I am rambling on and on.
  • Day 1- High Blood pressure stayed over night in Labor and Delivery recieved Magnesium.

  • Day 2- Moved to postpardum to be watched for a day.

  • Day 3- We thought we were going home but Dr. Cole wasn't sure about my blood pressure just yet so she said that morning that it would be at least another night. During her nightly rounds my pressures had gone back up (even after increasing meds two times). She immediatly said lets go back to Labor and Delivery and watch you overnight and have this baby in the morning. I was here alone because Mark had gone to take care of some things but was on his way back...I called him and told him to hurry back and to go ahead and tell our families. Within a few minutes my blood pressure had risen to 200/116 so it was decided that we would be having the baby within 30 minutes. Missy and my sister in law Deanne were the only ones here when Mark brought Banks out for his first appearance.

Welcome Alexander Banks Nixon...7:14 pm, 5lbs 14oz, 18.5 inches

Our parents just did not have time to make it. Banks was taken to the NICU where they started a Cpap to help him breath a little better. I was given another round of Magnesium overnight since my blood pressure had gotten so high again.

  • Day 4- That morning was a little crazy...too many meds at once = my blood pressure to drop really low...I was a little loopy for a while but by lunch I was back to the postpardum floor and go to go see Banks for the first time.

  • Day 5- Still in hospital trying to relax, recover, and visit with Banks in the NICU

He is doing well breathing through a nasal canula only and recieving some iv fluids...I think we are just waiting for him to slow his heavy breathing down, and start drinking milk and gaining weight...then we will be coming home. That could be maybe 4 more days I am thinking...maybe more maybe less.

Looks like we will be here in room 103 until Sunday or Monday.

It is not much easier the second time around in the NICU...I keep seeing these babies being brought to the mommas room as i am being wheeled to intensive care.. I can tell Banks knows who I am...he responds when he hears me and opens his eyes when I am holding him.

Everything happend so fast,...I have had my first emotional breakdown today. And I am sure there are more to come.

Thanks to everyone who has called, emailed, or texted....we appreciate all the prayers and hope you'll keep praying. Enjoy the pictures....We can't decide who he looks like...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day = not much rest

I will start with saying that the snow today was Beautiful. I have always loved winter and snow, although we have not seen much of it in MS...ever. I do remember as a child a couple differant "snow days" where we would go to the levee and slide down the side of it on various homeade sleds....and then ride on them behind the four-wheelers... I am so glad that Grant got to see so much snow...this may be his only time. He woke up today and after looking outside at the snow...asked me "Where's the Christmas tree?, I love Christmas". So cute and innocent.

On the other was not the easiest day to be on bed rest...School was closed and Mark was home. I of course had to play outside in the snow for a little while, then had to deal with an extremely hyper 3 year old. Mark has been helping out alot but today I think he thought he was the one on bed rest...I did more than I should have today and now feel really exhausted at 6:30 pm...

Britney and Laura brought us supper tonight....we ate early and it was Great...I love anything that I don't have to cook. I am about to relax in a warm/hot bath with Grant's watermelon bubble bath and think about the beach and summertime...then go to bed.

Thanks for the dinner Girls!

( I will be missing the Rodeo tommorow.. :( Since I am on bed rest Mark has invited his dad to take my ticket...They will have a great time and maybe I will have some silence...)

Pictures too come tired right now. Next Dr. appt scheduled for Tuesday! I'll give an update then....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Inventions?

It has been 3.5 years since Grant was born and I am sure there are some new really cool things for infants that I will need for our upcoming arrival. Whether it be feeding, diapering, sleeping, playing...whatever...please leave a comment on what your favorite new invention is...

Any reviews on the nap nanny?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Greetings from Bed Rest

I have been on bed rest due to PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) since January 9 days now...I think..I've lost count and don't really even know what day it is....Sorry Mark..but as I type I am laughing out loud at how LOUD Mark is snoring...I think he may be choking. He wen't to the doctor this morning and has Strep throat...I had hoped we might have a few "normal" alone days before the baby comes but this looks like all were gonna get...

My job is still very important to me even though I am at home for the remainder of my see, I am the coordinator for the Tri-County March for Babies fundraiser that supports premature birth, birth defects, and infant mortality. You all know that Grant was born premature and I hope and pray that this next little guy stays put for at least 5 more weeks... Because of my condition it makes me want to work harder to raise money for research to find out WHY ARE BABIES BORN EARLY? and what can be done to stop it. Especially for those moms who do go to every appointment and dont drink, smoke or do drugs..

I need your help! if anyone reads this....My goal as the employee of the March of Dimes is to raise $135,000 for this one event....and since I am not at the office or out in the field....i must raise money from BED REST.

please visit this site and sign up as an individual walker to make your donation...its real simple...type in your zip code and it should locate the TRI COUNTY March for Babies at Renaissance in Ridgeland.

1500 babies are born premature each day! Don't let it be yours or mine!

I love this litte super hero more that anything....and can't wait to see him react as a big brother!