Monday, May 24, 2010

3 Months!

Three Months....oh my! Banks is the sweetest baby. He has such a differant personality than Grant..I can tell he is going to be a tough little mommas boy. He is sleeping through the night and has been off and on for several weeks. I have been feeding him a little fruit here and there (a little early) and he loves it. He is a great eater but still has reflux and spits up ALL the time. It does not seem to bother him so we just wipe it up and keep on going.

I am having so much fun with my two boys! I really don't know what I would do with a girl.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 months and Hospital Stay

I guess since I am spending night 2 at Blair E Batson Children's Hospital with my 9 week old....I will blog.

Banks is two months old now and started daycare on monday...four days later he is in the hospital with a fever virus. Lovely! On Thursday night he woke up with 103.5 fever and of course I was waiting outside as Children's Medical Group opened on Friday morning....Much to my surprise Dr. Ellison said he needs to go straight to Batson...Since he is so little and on had 1 round of shots he is really not vaccinated from anything so they had to treat it like it the worst... When we arrived they took a blood culture, urine culture, and spinal tap to check for various infections...after 24 hours they cultures are still fine...It is Saturday at 10:00 and we just began our 24 hour fever free count down...Looks like it will be at least monday morning before we will go home.

I had never been to this hospital until I started working for March of Dimes and after making a few visits to some volunteers here I told myself...I hope my children NEVER have to come here...Kids just aren't supposed to be sick...

I am thankful for just a fever virus because I have seen some much sicker kids roaming these halls...One little girl had her door open and they whole room was decorated to look like her room at home...She has been here for a long time and is not going home anytime soon. I don't know what is wrong with her but I can't imagine how her family dealing with daily hospital for such a long period of time.

At Seven weeks Banks got his first set of immunization shots and weighed in at 9lbs Nine weeks he weighed 9lbs 10oz...not much weight gain in three weeks...I hope that is ok.