Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grant Update

I guess I need to keep record of what Grant likes and the funny things he does or I will simply forget. So this update is for my records and just for your entertainment.

Grant is 3.5 years old with a baby brother almost here!!!
Things he likes:
  • Superhero's and dressing up in costumes.
  • Airplanes, Firetrucks, Boats
  • TV...he will watch most anything but loves Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Incredibles, Dora and Deigo of course
  • Cheetos, Gerber Graduate Cereal Bars aka pop tarts, chocolate pudding, Chicken nuggets, and sprite. Thats about all he eats.
  • He loves playing in the bath tub...i can put him in and sometimes he will stay an hour and play with his toys.
  • Loves his John Deer Boots and spending time at both Pappa and Paws shop.
  • hates anything girly....i tried to put my scarf on him the other day to play outside and he was not having it. "i'm not like you, i'm like my daddy"
  • He is becoming more aware of others size, shape, age, and color...and expresses his thoughts loudly.
  • can burp loudly after every sip of a drink...
  • loves his friends at school.
  • can't wait to meet his brother
  • has an imaginary friend...well its his little boy and he is 5 and his name is Inkcard.
  • we still have the Yellow Blanket...only there are just two of the corners that work...the others he says are too big

i am sure there are many more things but i just cant think anymore right now....

Alex update:

I am 28 weeks pregnant up 11 pounds and found out this week..well today... that in addition to my high blood pressure I now have gestational diabetes...I would have never guessed it and I am still surprised. Unhealthy foods are my weakness and having to eat better and change my diet...while being pregnant...will definatly be a challenge for me. I will need support and prayers... Whatever it takes to keep this baby healthy...I CAN DO IT! We definalty don't want to see the inside of a NICU again...I know from experience that you can't decide your birth plan.