Friday, April 25, 2008

My 27th Birthday was Wed. Mark and I had not planned anything for that night since we had eaten out and shopped on Sunday but at work that day everyone made me feel like I was supposed to do something special on my birthday no matter what we did the days before. So...around 4:30 I planned my own birthday dinner by sending out a mass text inviting my friends to eat at Papitos. I knew it was short notice and did not think many would come but to my suprise we had a nice table of 18. 14 adults and 4 kids. It is so weird now that we have a table full of kids...I did not take any pictures but Missy captured this one of the Mexicans singing Happy Birthday in Spanish...Embry Claire and Grant just smiled at them...and thought they were so funny.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grant's Stomach Bug

Well...Grant and I got dressed and ready to go home for the weekend last friday morning. We were in such a rush to get to Vicksburg so I could drop something off to a March for Babies team and forgot to eat breakfast. Being a great mom...I thought I would get some Chicken Mini's from Chick Filet for my sweet Grant. As we were on the ramp to I-55 (not .5 miles from Chick filet) Grant threw up the first bite he took and continued to puke whatever he had for supper the night before. I had to pull over on the interstate to clean him up....needless to say! Some sweet woman stopped to give us a box of kleenex...Thanks whoever you were! This stomach virus lasted for 5 days. I had to take Grant to work with me on Monday...He would not eat anything but had a great time with a can of sprite and a mardi gras cowboy hat. He is better now and we are all happy!!!

Rob and Laura's Party

We helped give a shower for Rob Dixon and Laura...They are getting married in June. We had a good time all getting together. Later that night we went to Ribeyes in Yazoo City..Big Mistake..I think my hair still smells like cigarettes!