Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Boys

Quick update on the BOYS

Grant just turned 4! He is so excited about Washington School and playing soccer this fall. His new favorite movie is Toy Story...all three of them..He has every character from the movies and plays with them just like Andy does on the movie...Sometimes I feel like Woody is sad when Grant takes Buzz on a trip with us instead of him....

Grant loves living in the Delta and sadly never talks about Madison and missing it at all. I still get sad when I think of all his sweet friends and school he went to. He loves his little brother and sometimes gets a little rough but Banks just smiles at "I'll get you back one day..just wait".

Banks is 5 months old....his birth still feels like yesterday. He has adjusted well to the new house and will never know the differance. He is the happiest baby ever...smiles more than anyone I know...he will even smile during an emotional breakdown if you look at him and say "hey little booga booga"' he has been eating baby food for several weeks now and love fruit....vegtables..not so much. he can roll over and weighed 13 lbs at the last dr. visit...I am thinking he is at least 15lbs now... We will find our next week.

I love these two boys so much...I am so proud of both of them and can't believe how sweet they both are...