Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Update

Christmas has come and gone...again! Grant was alot of fun this year really begining to understand what happens durning the Christmas season. While it was fun telling him all about Santa Claus and finding out what toys he wanted this was also fun begining our own tradition of celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus by purchasing a birthday cake for Jesus. We enjoyed the birthday cake after dinner on Christmas eve and again Christmas day...

I spent several days at my parents after Christmas while Mark was working/hunting...During my visit I got to see several friends from High School that I have not seen in a while and experience my first taste of Food Poisioning....from the mexican place in Greenville. My stomach is still a little queezy so don't ask me to eat mexican for a long long time. I am glad to be home.....and Grant is enjoying all his Christmas toys...

Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Jesus' Birthday Party

As I have mentioned before...Grant really loves birthday parties and well...the next birthday is JESUS... Before bed last night we were talking about the christmas party he was having at school the next day and Grant asked if it was Jesus Birthday Party. "Sure it is..but if you don't sleep in your bed we won't be able to go"...It worked...and here are some pictures of ...

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Part-time job opening...Great Pay!!

I know that most of you reading this are Mom's and may even stay at home with your kids... The March of Dimes has a part-time position open right now!!! We need to fill this position immediatly...

From January to May is our March for Babies fundraising season...The open position will only be during this time...for 15-20 hours a week. We are looking for a Family Teams Specialist. This job would require you to work with our existing families that raise money for March for Babies as well as recruite and train new family teams to fundraise and/or raise money online. The job would be really easy seeing as though we have so many freinds that have healthy babies and some that were born a little early and some that may have not survived.

The pay is excellent...and I am sure we all could use some extra money

March of Dimes is the Champion for all Moms and Babies!!!
The Tri-County March for Babies will be held May 2 on Highland Colony.

If you would like any additional, schedule (we can work with MMO) etc...please email me at or call 601-933-1071...

I hope to have someone on Board by January 5!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Congrats to Amy and Cory!!

My cousin Amy had her baby girl Marley Payton this Tuesday.... Now Grant has to share is Great Grandma... He is not the only one anymore!!! Welcome Marley...and Congrats Amy and Cory!

We are still a little unsure of Santa Clause...While in Dillards today the Clinique counter had Santa dressed in Orange to promote thier fragrance Happy... I thought we would use the free picture from santa rather than the one in center court that costs 19.99 since Grant screaming the whole time. Maybe we will try again next year:)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family Picture

I really think this is the first Family picture we have taken in a really long time...We went through the Canton Square on the way home from Bryce Brooks 1st Birthday Party...Grant loves birthday party's......We have Paw's birthday on Thursday and the next one will be Baby Jesus.....I think we will make a birthday cake to leave out for Santa instead of cookies...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I took Grant to his first Movie yesterday. This being his first time I was a little nervous that he may not use his "inside voice" or sit still. I was very supprised and pleased that he did Great!!! The cutest part was that he hardly weighed enough to hold the seat down. His feet were almost over his head! Grant sat through the whole movie so happy and excited. I forgot just how good Disney movies were...even for parents. They always throw a little adult humor in.
If you have not been to see Bolt....go! It is too cute.
Have a Happy Turkey Day!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

It's a love/hate thing...already!

I promise...I did not do anything to her!

I don't know what her problem is...
She took my choo choo train...

Friends...playing footsie

Three little monkeys!!!

Up close and personal!!

The picture is not great quality....I went to a Jake Owen concert last weekend with my friend Jennifer...we had backstage passes....I have never been backstage to a concert before...and kinda felt gooby...but could not resist the opportunity to hug such a cutie.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I don't know why my layout is so messed more picture for the day. When I was little my parents took a picture of me standing in the tire of a big tractor. I remember thinking it was so neat to be able to stand inside a tire. When we were at Mark's parents house the other day I took a picture of my Grant standing in a tire...How Cute...of course he did not smile.


First of all...We did not get there until 8oclock...which is after Grant's bedtime. Maybe I just can't control my kid but the terrible two's came out in full force. Without going into much was real crowded, grant wanted to run free, and we spent enough money on the big yellow slide that I probably own part of it now. The slide is the only thing Grant was interested in.

It was sweet to see Grant so excited about all the lights and rides...But without Mark there it was hard to keep up with him and push a stroller and hold my big purse and his sippy cup and my drink. Special thanks to Kris and Deanne to help entertain for a while.

We got home at midnight..and I think we might go back this afternoon with some friends...
Oh My!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is the last one for the day....

One More Down...

Grant does not like the camera...and refuses to look at anyone who wants to take his this is the best I got....I still have one more pair of pants to make today and I saved my favorite for last...


I should have posted these eariler..Pictures from the Circus. Grant and Harlee had fun...

New Pants

I took a sewing class earlier this week to learn how to make Grant some cute pants. I had such a good time and pants are really easy to make...I still have not mastered getting the right length for Grant....but the two I have done turned out really cute. The brown and blue pair are really about a 12 month...If anyone is interested in them...They don't fit Grant. I was going to use a white turtlenetck with the solid brown for a Letter Applique. Stay tuned I will be making two more pair today and the fabric is so very cute!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I fall down....

Grant fell out of a chair this weekend and cut his eyebrow...Now his eye is turning black...Poor Baby...This is our firt Eye injury...I am sure it will look worse as it gets better.

New Pictures :)

My Granny wanted to buy me this puppy in the walmart parking lot but my mom (ME) did not want a puppy and all that comes along with it...Animals are more complicated than babies and can be just as expensive. Anyway..It was fun to play with him...I asked Grant what his name was and he said "Green"...Ok...whatever...Green is the only color he knows..We think he may be color blind...Anyone have any experience with that??? And I do think it may be time for another haircut!! :)

HAPPY BDAY BECKETT...He had his first birthday this weekend.. We had alot of fun...after we quit crying about eating cake. Yes...grant cried for the first 30 min because he did not want to wait to eat cake...I was so embarrassed that I looked like I had a spoiled child that I could not control....anyway we had a good time and got to play with lots of new friends

Such an imgination....Mark was so worried that since we live in Madison that Grant would never love tractors and the country as much as we did. I don't think he has anything to worry about. Grant loves trucks, tractors, combines, cotton, corn, beans, and the lake...He crys when we leave...

Mark and Grant were trying to play hide and seek in his closet...I found them!!!!

New roller skates...This was a one time thing with these. The box says 2 yrs+ but I still think they are a little dangerous. Mark was not excited at all that I even let him put them on. Sorry he is naked.... I guess we will put these up for a year or two...(Thanks Daniel for giving us these at Grants B-Day)