Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Pictures :)

My Granny wanted to buy me this puppy in the walmart parking lot but my mom (ME) did not want a puppy and all that comes along with it...Animals are more complicated than babies and can be just as expensive. Anyway..It was fun to play with him...I asked Grant what his name was and he said "Green"...Ok...whatever...Green is the only color he knows..We think he may be color blind...Anyone have any experience with that??? And I do think it may be time for another haircut!! :)

HAPPY BDAY BECKETT...He had his first birthday this weekend.. We had alot of fun...after we quit crying about eating cake. Yes...grant cried for the first 30 min because he did not want to wait to eat cake...I was so embarrassed that I looked like I had a spoiled child that I could not control....anyway we had a good time and got to play with lots of new friends

Such an imgination....Mark was so worried that since we live in Madison that Grant would never love tractors and the country as much as we did. I don't think he has anything to worry about. Grant loves trucks, tractors, combines, cotton, corn, beans, and the lake...He crys when we leave...

Mark and Grant were trying to play hide and seek in his closet...I found them!!!!

New roller skates...This was a one time thing with these. The box says 2 yrs+ but I still think they are a little dangerous. Mark was not excited at all that I even let him put them on. Sorry he is naked.... I guess we will put these up for a year or two...(Thanks Daniel for giving us these at Grants B-Day)


ClaireEyeDesign said...

Hey Mel, check out this link. There are a lot of other links with test like this. I think I have done every eye test on the planet! haha

If he can't see the numbers, then he's colorblind.

laura said...

cute pictures! about the colors... andrew won't say his either - except for sometimes he'll say green! i think he just says what he wants to, when he wants to. i keep thinking he'll surprise me one day by saying them all... we'll see!