Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Pants

I took a sewing class earlier this week to learn how to make Grant some cute pants. I had such a good time and pants are really easy to make...I still have not mastered getting the right length for Grant....but the two I have done turned out really cute. The brown and blue pair are really about a 12 month...If anyone is interested in them...They don't fit Grant. I was going to use a white turtlenetck with the solid brown for a Letter Applique. Stay tuned I will be making two more pair today and the fabric is so very cute!!


laura said...

Those are SO CUTE!! Let me know if you go into business! :)

Emily, Stephen, and Maddox Greer said...

Melanie!!!!! You have been sewing away!!!! They are turning out so cute. I'm not having trouble with the length, I'm having trouble getting the waist right!!!!! guess what i got!!!!! a janmoe sewing machine/monogram machine! i love it, but don't know what in the heck i'm doing. it was a surprise from my husband. he ordered it from Louisiana so I can't take any classes at Continental... bless him! can't wait to see what else you do!