Friday, September 11, 2009

Its A.................

Just should know its not time yet. I am only 11 weeks today! As you can tell, I am itching to find out the sex of our newest baby. With the Canton Flea Market, Misteltoe, and all other can I shop without knowing.

I had my second appointment this week and everything went perfect. I was fortunate to have another ultrasound so I got to see just how much the baby had grown in 4 weeks....He/She has arms, legs...and everthing now and was just dancing and waving to me. Too bad Mark missed this appointment the picutres just don't show that personality that I saw. Heartrate was 171.

For work today I had an appointment with Olga's (russian restaurant) about our upcoming Signature Chefs Auction. She insisted that there was an older lady that worked in the kitchen who was never wrong about predicting the sex of a baby. The poor lady was drug from her smoke break outside to come look me over and say quickly...."It's definatly a Girl". I guess in about 6 weeks we will find out if she was right.

Grant....I can't post without mentioning Grant. He is just fine. His first couple weeks of preschool were kinda tough on all of us...He was staying in trouble but seems to be doing good now. He loves his new friends and still talks about his freinds from the 2's. He is excited about being a big brother but I think he is tired of waiting. He asked me yesterday if the baby popped out at my appointment.

Thats all for now....

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Breisch and Angie Stallings said...

I am so happy for you guys!!! Thank you for my post it made me feel so much better. It is always good to know some body else has gone through the same thing.