Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Mommy.."Grant did you have fun at school today?"


Mommy.."Why Not...did you play outsitde" (i know he did)


Mommy.."Ok..well I am going to go swing on the swings at your school tommorow..will that be fun?"

Grant..."No" .....pause..."Your to Big and Heavy"

Thanks alot....

He was obviously mad at me...I think because I would not let him eat chocolate for supper.

Some of his favorite things lately...
M & M's
picking his nose
of course still Birthday Partys
Singing..."you better watch out you better not pout" (Christmas songs)
Pretend food and cooking
Diet Coke
Back Talk....
riding his new four wheeler
naming his non existant siblings...Tristin and Scarlett...
talking about scaweeey monstors
saying his prayers at night
building christmas trees with melissa and doug alphabet blocks (i need to post a picture of this one)
#2 in the bath tub...don't know why he started this now..

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reed said...

that is hilarious....sounds so much like dendy. miss seeing yall! grant is so so cute! we'll be in jackson during march some and are planning on coming to HPC-hope we get to see yall!
love, caroline hogan