Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Copy Cat

I broke out the sewing machine and decided to copy all these people making cute applique kids clothing. I also discovered the store Quilt Arts on Lakeland that has the best fabric ever. I will post pictures of some of the fabric that I got later. If anyone wants a shirt let me know. I got these monogramed and they turned out really cute. I will post the picture of Grant and Embry wearing them later.

Aren't I crafty!!


The Ainsworth Family said...

i found you through suzanne's blog. that fabric you got for the little girl is the one i got for my little girl's room. we are making it a big girl room and i found that fabric and just went crazy over it. it is way too cute in person. where is that store on lakeland? i sew as well and am always looking for different fabrics.... oh, and i love the football fabric as well. my little boy would love that.

The Ainsworth Family said...