Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Twisted Sister

I just returned from Scottsdale Arizona after a long HOT week. The temperature there was 109 at 10:00 pm. Very Hot! We had our March of Dimes National Summer Staff Conference there at the Biltmore Resort and Spa. It was a very nice resort...and very large. It took me 10 minutes just to walk from my villa to the conference center. During our stay we were visited by our national celebrity "Ride" spokesperson. Ride is a motorcycle fundrasier that is done in most states (not MS yet). Dee Snyder from the 80's band Twisted Sister is our celebrity spokesperson. Yeah...I was thinking the same think you are right now...Who is Dee Snyder and who was Twisted Sister? He spoke one morning at our general session about how he became involved with March of Dimes, then came back that night for our Kareoke party. To our suprise he agreed to perform a song for us. "Born to be wild" is the song he sang. Now I know who he is... I know this is not real exciting but I thought I would share a picture we took. Also our Celebrity Chef spokes person was Chef Rock (the winner of Hell's Kitchen). He taught my Signature Chefs Training Class. I have a picture of him to....

Thats my exciting week!!! I missed Grant while I was gone...He was so cute to talk to on the phone though.

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Deanne said...

dude, you don't know who twisted sister is...you are not nearly as cool as i thought you were.