Monday, July 7, 2008

Bad Bad Alligator

Mark and I have been discussing how we are going to get Grant to give up the Papi (pacifier). Yesterday after lunch I took it from him. When Grant came to me sayng "I want papi" I told time that the Alligator ate it and took it to Embry Claire's house because she is a baby and needs it. He was a little sad but manged to make it through the day. Bedtime rolled around and he started whining about his papi and the alligator. I even caught him searching through his diaper bag looking for one. I read him a bedtime story and told him again that the papi was "all gone". To my suprise he slept all night without it.

Well....This morning he started crying while watching cartoons saying " papi papi" I feel really bad because he is very sad about it, but i don't know how else to take it away...Is it too soon?

When we got to school this morning we told Mrs. Cyndi (his teacher) what that bad bad alligator did. Grant got upset again. I am sure she will get sick of the whining and give him a paci today and not tell me. They will do anything to keep them quite...I guess I don't blame them.

Any Suggestions???

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Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

just stay with it. mary peyton threw hers away on her own and then cried/whined about it, but we reminded her that SHE threw it away because she was a big girl! it made her feel better.

just reassure him that he's a big boy and that embry claire is little and needs it now. and that alligator is BAD BAD!