Wednesday, November 3, 2010

it's been a while....

Wow..July 25 since my last post. I have been telling myself weekly to update the blog but something else more important always comes up. We have been really NOV 3 and it feels like back to school is finally slowing down...Grant played soccer for the first time this season and well....he didn't LOVE it, but he liked it. Grant was more interested in playing with grass and picking flowers for me..needless to say i am glad its over until spring. He really likes WS and loves his teachers...Mrs Trammell and RoRo.

Latest Funny-...Grant and some other classmates were playing school on the playground when Suzi Paige (the teacher) found a cup and told Grant (the student) to tee tee in it behind a tree while she held the cup. They got funny this will be to tell when they are both in high school. I am sure that Mrs Trammell talked with both of them about how inappropriote this was.

Then there is Banks...he is 8 months old now, 6 teeth, crawling, and not far from walking. He is ALL OVER the place. I would love to say that he is sleeping all night but that would be a lie....he did for a short period of time and now gets up several times....wearing us all out! Grant and Banks love each other...I can tell that Banks wants to be just like big brother and do everything Grant does. I wish he would slow down and not grow up so fast.

enough for some pics

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