Saturday, March 20, 2010

In just a few days Banks will be 1 month old...He is the sweetest, most laid back baby. Not at all the strong willed child that his NICU nurse said he was....He only hates cold wipes :) Banks is a good sleeper and an even better eater. He has been eating 3 oz ever 3-4 hours since he has been home..I can't wait to weigh him again because I am sure he is almost 7lbs now. We spent a few days in Glen Allen last week with my parents...Grant needed some farm time and Mark and I went to a crawfish party at the lake.

I can't wait to watch my boys grow up together. I hope they are close to each other and play like best friends.

Grant will start his first Sport in April...We are excited about Start Smart Baseball...and can't wait for soccer next fall!!!

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