Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Potty Training

Grant has been using the potty at home off and on now for several months. I decided not to push training him until his teachers at school were on board with it. Lately we have been trying to get him to go at school and he tells his teacher..."No...I not...I go at my house"

Today I picked up Grant from school and Ms. Opheia said that Grant used the potty today...I am so proud of him... So proud that Mark and I took Grant to "Chick e yeah"...Chick fil A for supper and to play in the playground...

A funny story from chick fil A was that a little girl about Grants age completely stripped down...butt naked in the playground...Her mom got her out before she squated to tee tee on the floor... Grant got his first strip tease....and i hope his last.

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