Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grant's Stomach Bug

Well...Grant and I got dressed and ready to go home for the weekend last friday morning. We were in such a rush to get to Vicksburg so I could drop something off to a March for Babies team and forgot to eat breakfast. Being a great mom...I thought I would get some Chicken Mini's from Chick Filet for my sweet Grant. As we were on the ramp to I-55 (not .5 miles from Chick filet) Grant threw up the first bite he took and continued to puke whatever he had for supper the night before. I had to pull over on the interstate to clean him up....needless to say! Some sweet woman stopped to give us a box of kleenex...Thanks whoever you were! This stomach virus lasted for 5 days. I had to take Grant to work with me on Monday...He would not eat anything but had a great time with a can of sprite and a mardi gras cowboy hat. He is better now and we are all happy!!!

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